Top 3 Things that Bloat Your Website

Man Looking at a Wall of Video Screens

Even though images bloat your website they aren’t included here because it is assumed that you are already optimizing your images since you are visiting this website.

While these may seem obvious clients still use them, often insist on them.

  1. Sliders (Slideshows, Carousels etc.)
  2. Background Videos
  3. Poorly Sized Images

What is Wrong with Sliders?

At first glance a slider may seem like a good idea because you can “squeeze” more into the top part of your page where sliders are most common. What most people don’t realize though is that the statistics show that people aren’t looking at your slides.

  1. All users don’t look at your slides – they see the first slide and scroll past it.
  2. Users aren’t clicking on your slide buttons etc.
  3. Slideshows are barely usable by Mobile Users
  4. Slideshows are not typically accessible.

What is Wrong with Background Videos?

While this seems obvious if you are aware of your own feelings background videos:

  1. Are Gigantic Files (25 pictures per second x length of video)
  2. Create Anxiety
  3. Rarely Convey Useful Information

But.. They are so cool!

No..they aren’t cool.. they create anxiety. The last thing you want your viewers to experience is, anxiety.

Poorly Sized Images?

This is a huge problem among bloggers, authors, and editors. Hopefully most web developers would know to upload only the size they need vs. a full sized image. I have seem 3000+ pixel wide images on many websites when it was completely not appropriate.


The biggest problem with all of these is lack of education. Educating our clients when they ask for a background video or slideshow. Yes, sometimes they insist but the smart ones will listen. Educating WordPress users about image sizes and ways of displaying their images. Educating ourselves about alternative ways of presenting information in a usable and sustainable fashion.