The Green Web Hosting Myth

Alternative Solar Energy. Solar Power Plant.

Even Corporations will try to be green when it saves them money. For example, 60 years before compact fluorescent bulbs existed in our homes, fluorescent lighting was used in factories, warehouses and office buildings. Today, companies are installing solar arrays because it saves them money.

The same goes for server farms. Server farms are inherently efficient because they can’t afford not to be efficient. Some companies offer solar powered servers, and carbon offsets but the real responsibility for being green rests with you.

Even if a server farm is powered by the sun doesn’t mean you get to waste energy that could be used by 2 or 3 or even 20 more users. Our business is powered by the sun but we still conserve energy and the excess energy goes back to the grid.

For example, when this site was built, it loaded with only 27.1KB of data transfer. A typical website today loads with about 2MB of data transfer. Admittedly it is a simple website, but even full featured websites can easily be under 500KB or 25% the size of the average.

Sustainable WordPress GTMetrix Report
Sustainable WordPress GTMetrix Report

So, where does that leave the business owner who is concerned about sustainability?

This is a lot harder than it should be. Why? because there are a tremendous number of web designers, web developers and “young people” you can hire to build a website for you. In some ways it is “too easy” to build a website. Anyone can build a crappy website today.

The key is to find someone that is actually paying attention to details. Investing in the best tools and using long term thinking. Someone who takes responsibility for their work and provides support for the websites they build over time. This is also hard.

Ways to Evaluate a Web Developer

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Look their website(s) up on GTMetrix
  3. Look at how easy their website(s) are to understand
  4. See how many fonts they are using – does it seem cluttered?
  5. See how many “effects” they are using. Too mush animation and too much movement is a bad sign