Your WordPress Website Can be Lean and Green

Sustainable WP is a project of Empowered Marketing®. If you are reading this you probably already know that the power consumed by the internet is as much as a good sized country uses. Most websites are poorly designed with features no one cares about and silly features that annoy visitors.

Benefits of Sustainable Web Design

  • Improved Page Speed
  • Improved Engagement with Visitors Using Mobile Devices
  • Increase SEO Ranking
  • Improve Usability
  • Improve Compliance with ADA Guidelines
  • Save Energy
  • Save Bandwidth
  • Minimize Impact on the Environment

Principles of Sustainable Web Design

  • Use research to guide design best practices
  • Confront clients who want design elements that go against best practices
  • Choose lean and smart over easy
  • Choose correct image types based on content
  • Use long term thinking
  • Consider Website Visitors with Disabilities
  • Ensure that the website is scalable

How Did WordPress Get So Bloated?

Actually WordPress was never officially bloated. It is the flexibility and the crowdsourced plugins and themes that make WordPress websites bloated. To make things worse there are many integrations, scripts, and widgets that are either poorly designed or designed without considering page weight and page speed.

Even favicons add to bloat. For WordPress’ site identity settings we are expected to upload a 512px by 512px image which will get saved in various sizes for various things like mobile devices and browsers. This site doesn’t have a big favicon, yet, here you are anyway.

Get Help to Make Your Website Faster and More Sustainable

  • 1 on 1 Consultation—ideal for web design professionals
  • Website Sustainability Review—ideal for companies
  • Website Modification—Hire us to fix your website
  • Website Redesign—Sometimes redesigning is the best solution